Is It Possible to Prevent Dental Plaque Buildup?

prevent dental plaque from formingAlthough it is the number one enemy of your dental health, and a nuisance to everyone, dental plaque is not as widely understood as it should be. For instance, you might strongly dislike the feel of plaque on your teeth, and yet still not realize the danger it poses if not controlled.  Unfortunately, you can’t exactly prevent dental plaque from forming. However, you can prevent it from becoming a problem by brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, and attending regular dental checkups and cleanings. Continue reading

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FAQs: How Does ClearCorrect Work?


Do you have crooked or crowded teeth? Misalignment can cause embarrassment and also have a number of negative impacts on your health. However, many people feel apprehensive about turning to metal braces to correct their uneven smiles. Fortunately, you have a practically invisible alternative with the unique ClearCorrect system.

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Quiz: What is Cosmetic Dentistry?


Do you have a smile dulled by unsightly teeth stains or other common esthetic issues? To help patients obtain a gorgeous smile they can be proud to show the world, Dr. Jim Erpenbach offers the latest in cosmetic dentistry. This area of dentistry allows our team to improve the appearance of your teeth.

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